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Tools We Use

Tools We Use

Administering Assessment Instruments Tested for Validity and Reliability.

Every engagement is different. Starting with a blank canvas, our response to each request for professional services is tailored to the context of an organization’s unique culture and each participant’s needs.

We actively listen to our clients’ challenges and objectives. Depending on what we hear, and if we believe it will add value, we may look to an evidence-based diagnostic or assessment instrument to augment program design and delivery.

We Are Certified to Administer the Following Instruments:

Global DISC™

The Global DISC™ incorporates the latest thinking about personality preferences, cognitive diversity and cross-cultural communication.

It helps to make sense of why people think, act and feel so differently, so you can unlock the potential within and between them. Global DISC™ measures individual preferences based on cultural orientation and personality type. It also measures the cognitive diversity index of a team or group to reveal blind spots.

Global Mindset Inventory

The Global Mindset Inventory (GMI) is an assessment tool to help executives learn how to communicate, do business, and influence people who are unlike themselves.

Hogan Leadership Forecast Series

The Hogan Leadership Forecast Series gives leaders a clear understanding of their performance capabilities, challenges, and core drivers.

Provided with strategic self-awareness, clients gain new confidence in their day-to-day strengths, roadblocks to success, and gain insight into the culture they may be creating for their team based on individual personal drivers.

Hogan 360°

The Hogan 360° is a straightforward questionnaire used to comprehensively review leaders at any level of management. It captures confidential feedback from the individual manager, his/her own manager, peers, and direct reports. The report provides a measure of the individual’s attitude, behavior, and performance.

PXT Select™

The PXT Select™ is a powerful tool that helps organizations align people to roles based on the traits most important to be successful. It provides a clear picture of a candidate’s thinking style, behaviors, and interests, giving you a meaningful edge in making the right hiring decision.

PXT Select™ Leadership Report

The PXT Select™ Leadership Report illustrates how an individual’s personal characteristics, strengths and challenges relate to six distinct Leadership Skills relevant to the modern workplace.

PXT Select™ CheckPoint 360°™

The PXT Select™ CheckPoint 360°™ is a feedback survey that helps evaluate the effectiveness of managers and leaders, and provides a personalized approach for developing leadership skills and improving job performance.

By providing the right insight, the survey encourages a culture of high-performance that drives results from the top down.

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