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Impactful Authenticity – Connecting : Getting out of your comfort zone, holding people accountable and reconnecting with your past

March 8, 2023 • 28 min
Hosted by Lucy Rowell
Lucy Rowell and I talked about everything from why people find it hard to find confidence in their personal leadership style, to barriers that prevent people and organizations from making a meaningful commitment to diversity and inclusion. She even invited me to challenge her listeners to do some…

Leadership Strategies – Interview with Brenda Harrington

February 9, 2023 • 46 min
Hosted by MindSpark with Chiara Haenel
Chiara Haenel and I had a great conversation about the importance of living your values to achieve authentic, influential leadership. We also talked about the importance of succession planning and the significant role it plays in setting up emerging leaders for success.

Getting Inclusive AF with Brenda Harrington

November 2, 2022 • 53 min
Hosted by The Inclusive AF Podcast with Jackye Clayton and Katee Van Horn
What an energetic conversation I had with Jackye Clayton and Katee Van Horn! We talked about everything from the gift of feedback, to the importance of empathy, especially when there is a limit to how much we can truly understand about what another person is experiencing.

When Access is Denied with Brenda Harrington

November 2, 2022 • 18 min
Hosted by Leadership Purpose with Dr. Robin
In my conversation with Robin L. Owens, Ph.D., we talked about the significance of self-advocacy, and how important it is not to underestimate what each of us can accomplish and the impact we can have. One step at a time…

Freedom to Create – Brenda Harrington

October 30, 2022 • 35 min
Hosted by What’s Your Story Podcast with Matt Story
It was my pleasure to be a guest on Matt Story’s podcast, What’s Your Story, where we talked about the importance of staying true to our values, the value of taking risks, and why it is important to be good stewards of our own circumstances. I hope you will listen to our conversation.

What Will Have Made This of Value?

July 14, 2022 • 20 min
Hosted by Subscription Maker with Zachary Alexander
During my visit to the Subscription Maker podcast, we talked about what is means to “add value,” the power of Executive Coaching and the significance it will have for leaders preparing to navigate the uncharted waters ahead. #leaders #podcast #executivecoaching #addvalue

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