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The Communicative Leader

October 10, 2023 • 00:27 min
Hosted by Leah M Omilion-Hodges
I was flattered by the compliment paid by Leah M Omilion-Hodges in her introduction of this episode, sharing that her daughter would call me a “kick butt” girl! If that means setting things straight, then I’m all about it. In my conversation with Leah we went straight in, talking about play-to-wi…

The Inclusive Networker Podcast

October 3, 2023 • 0:35 min
Hosted by Dr. Raymona H. Lawrence
I had the pleasure of visiting with Dr. Raymona as a guest on her Inclusive Networker podcast. This conversation was particularly interesting to me, because of the focus on network marketing. Network marketing is a vehicle very often used by members of the Black community to achieve financial sta…

Authentic Energy Podcast

September 19, 2023 • 0:22 min min
Hosted by Wendy Brand
Wendy Brand and I had a very candid conversation about belonging and its impact on engagement, the types of things that create barriers to inclusion, and things that leaders can do to create a more inclusive environment. We talked about the continuum of emotions between fear and love, and the cho…

How To Thrive In A New Role with Brenda Harrington

September 6, 2023 • 0:39 min
Hosted by Bart Egnal
In my conversation with Bart Egnal, we talked about what it takes to successfully transition to a new position or career. We talked about the necessity of making meaning of why a change may be warranted, and the significance of setting realistic expectations. Most important is a willingness to mo…

The ONE Program Podcast

August 25, 2023 • 0:45 min
Hosted by Kristen Edmiston
I was SO honored to be a guest on the ONE Program Podcast with Kristen Edmiston. She amplified the importance of self-reflection and a willingness to develop a new perspective. We talked about the risks and rewards of taking a leap into entrepreneurship, being willing to step away from the things…

The Career Confidence Podcast – Breaking Barriers to Inclusion

July 12, 2023 • 0:28 min
Hosted by Marija Duka
Marija and I touched on everything from how to be a better leader, to what makes people afraid of inclusion. We talked about the importance of trying to understand each other so that we can identify likes and similarities, rather than using differences as the default. Transcending our conversatio…

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