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Set Intentions, Not Resolutions

Brenda Harrington |
January 09, 2024

So why all this talk about replacing resolutions with intentions? The answer is – to increase the likelihood of success in our approach to progressing from our current state to our desired state.

Resolutions are often focused on things we should or shouldn’t do, and are centered on external outcomes, while intentions are the result of reflective thought and introspection. For example, among the most popular new year’s resolutions is to become more physically fit. As an intention, this might be expressed as taking steps toward improved health and wellbeing to experience a better quality of life. Setting an intention is about making a conscious choice that is supported by a plan. In the context of leadership and professional development, intention is a critical element of self-management, or what I like to refer to as square one for anyone who aspires to manage, or lead others. If you can think about one thing you want to be different on this day next year, I encourage you to begin from within, consider the impact you want the change to have and what it will mean to you, then chart your course.


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