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Readiness for Success | Why Strong Facilitation is Key to Successful Group Collaboration

Liane Cheyne |
October 25, 2021

Facilitation is one of the most vital components for successful team meetings and group discussions.

Strong facilitators are required to possess a number of key skills such as communication, active listening, timekeeping, leadership and conflict management in order to be successful in their role, yet the development of good facilitation skills can be overlooked. This can be detrimental to overall team and organizational success. By prioritizing the development of strong facilitation skills, employees at all organizational levels are better positioned to increase their effectiveness and add value.

  • Maximizing team productivity

    A key part of any facilitator’s role is to ensure that the group is kept on task and focused on the desired goal or outcome. Strong facilitation can ensure that collaborative sessions are as productive as possible, making the best and most efficient use of everyone’s time.

  • Increased employee confidence

    Aside from the practical and logistical benefits of good facilitation, a strong facilitator can create an environment in which participants feel encouraged to express their true opinions and ideas without fear or anxiety. Enabling this kind of psychological safety for all team members encourages a wide range of ideas to be brought to the table, which can ultimately result in more fruitful team discussions.

  • Enabling everyone to be heard

    Good facilitators possess the skills to provide oversight in order to prevent one or two participants from dominating conversations, and are able to manage conflict in a calm and productive manner. Being able to regulate discussions means a diverse range of ideas can be heard and explored, which can result in better overall group decision-making.

    Strong facilitators who are well-prepared for their role can make a significant contribution to the success of teams and organizations. Being able to deploy the necessary skills and facilitate with confidence can often result in better discussions and outcomes in group sessions.

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