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Readiness for Success | Why Creativity Should be at the Forefront in Your Organization

Liane Cheyne |
November 18, 2021

Often creativity is not the first thing that comes to mind when considering important aspects of business culture.

However, studies have noted that creativity is becoming an increasingly important skill in the workplace, with one ranking it highly as a top skill for future jobs.* Encouraging creativity in your organization can have numerous benefits, and ensure you are equipped and prepared for success in the post-covid era.

  • Better solutions

    Without creative thinking, neither collaborative or individual efforts are likely to produce new ideas or solutions. It has been said that we cannot rely on conventional solutions to solve contemporary problems. Solutions that worked before the pandemic may not be the best fit for the situations we face today. New ideas and thinking differently will contribute to the ability of people to see things from a different perspective, and produce ideas that better meet current and future needs.

  • Competitive edge

    Creativity can produce unique ideas that enable you to stay ahead of your competitors. By combining creative thinking with the latest trends and technology your employees are likely to improve existing products and procedures to ensure that they are consistently ahead of the curve. Perhaps even more than major investments, thinking creatively can prove to be a significant differentiator.

  • Better problem-solving

    By fostering a culture of creative thinking, team members will be well versed in thinking ‘outside the box’. The ability of a team to instinctively employ creative thinking skills is particularly advantageous during times of crisis, and when working to overcome significant obstacles.

    With the numerous advantages of creative thinking, and the overwhelming trends highlighted in recent studies, there has never been a better time to consider how creativity can be incorporated into your organizational culture. For more ideas on this topic, we invite you to view our recent conversation on this topic.

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    *World Economic Forum ‘Future of Jobs Report 2020’,

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