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Improving Relationships | The Benefits of Cross-Cultural Training

Liane Cheyne |
February 11, 2021

Fostering strong, positive relationships is one of the key components of any successful business. When seeking to improve relationships, both internally and externally, cross-cultural training can be a powerful tool to enable better communication and foster greater understanding among colleagues, teams and organizations.

While the benefits of cross-cultural training for individuals or individual teams is well documented, this enhanced level of awareness and understanding can bring a number of wider organizational benefits that go beyond individual working relationships.

  • Enhanced Team Effectiveness.

    Cross-cultural training provides an opportunity for employees to learn how to interact with people from different cultural backgrounds more successfully. This can enhance the effectiveness of teamwork, leading to greater productivity and efficiency. Cross-cultural training can also enhance management and leadership skills which also play a vital role in ensuring team success. This has even greater significance with the predominance of remote work and the absence of informal personal interaction that enables colleagues to learn more about each other.

  • Competitive edge.

    Cross-cultural training can improve external relationships. By enhancing your employees’ understanding and ability to interact with people from different cultural backgrounds, a competitive edge can be gained through a better ability to communicate with potential clients and partners.

  • Increased adaptability.

    Cross-cultural training can provide employees with a better ability to modify their behaviors depending on the environment and cultures they are working with, and within. This increased adaptability can be beneficial when planning to relocate employees to new locations, either locally to new teams or globally on an international assignment, by providing a good foundation on which to successfully form new professional relationships.

    Investment in cross-cultural training is key for all organizations committed to enhancing working relationships that drive organizational success.

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