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Improving Relationships | Peer Coaching

Liane Cheyne |
April 08, 2021

Peer coaching is an effective arrangement where colleagues at an equal level are able to help each other with their professional development, either formally or informally.

Peer coaches can offer candid and honest advice from a different perspective to that offered by traditional coaching or manager-employee relationships. This method can be highly beneficial for organizations seeking to improve the professional relationships and dynamics within their teams.

  • Perspective

    A peer coach relationship enables individuals to gain insight into the perspectives of others performing a similar role or at the same level within their organization. By sharing their perspectives and having frank and honest conversations, a greater depth of relationship is established between peers and colleagues.

  • Shared accountability

    With the absence of a power hierarchy, peer coaching relies on shared accountability between all participants. With each party taking an equal role in holding the other to account, team members rely increasingly on each other to ‘look out’ for them and bring potential issues to their attention.

  • Teamwork

    Peer coaching can offer additional opportunities for colleagues and teams to work together. As they get to better understand their colleagues they will become more aware of how their individual skills and perspectives can be used collaboratively. The peer-to-peer coaching relationship can also open up a dialogue for team members to reach out for help or assistance with a project or task.

    The benefits of a peer coaching program are plentiful, but can only be achieved when the work environment is supportive of team accountability. This can be initiated through a number of means, including team building and coaching programs. If you would like assistance with designing a program to meet your organization’s needs, please get in touch. We would love to talk with you!

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