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Improving Relationships | Cohort Learning

Liane Cheyne |
March 18, 2021

Cohort learning brings together peer groups with a common training goal to learn and develop together. It is a particularly popular approach for those looking to develop their management competencies, perhaps when transitioning into a management or leadership role.

Individuals participating in a cohort learning program find several benefits over other training approaches that enhance their own professional behaviors and communication skills, improving their relationships with team members at all levels.

In particular, cohort learning provides the following unique opportunities:

  • The perspective of others

    When learning as part of a cohort, employees are exposed to the differing perspectives that exist amongst their peers and colleagues. Participants share and exchange ideas, expanding their awareness of others’ views and experiences. Through sharing their experiences, participants foster a greater sense of understanding and improve their ability to articulate their own viewpoints effectively and professionally.

  • Collaborative working

    The collaborative nature of cohort learning can enhance the learning of an individual, making the training more valuable and effective. In some cases, it has been found that learning is significantly better remembered through interacting with others.* Additionally, collaboration as part of cohort learning provides an opportunity for participants to experience tackling difficult situations as a group. Through group exercises peers work collaboratively on a problem or task, increasing their ability to work effectively as part of a team.

  • A new professional network

    Through participating in cohort learning, employees form a new network, potentially introducing them to new professional contacts in their organization or field of work. Not only is this network itself likely to be hugely beneficial as they continue through their working life, the experience of forming new working relationships is likely to enhance their existing networking skills for the benefit of themselves and their employer.

    Cohort learning can be beneficial not just in terms of increasing the participants’ skillset, but also by increasing the effectiveness of the learning experience. This can be further enhanced when combined with other training and development approaches, such as one-to-one coaching, as part of a blended program. We hope you will contact us to discuss how one of our tailored learning and development programs can support your organization’s unique needs and contribute to your overall professional growth strategy.

    *According to a 2019 article by Josh Bersin

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