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Part II: Top Investment Priorities for Businesses Worldwide: The Opportunities for Global Mobility

In the second of our three-part series, my conversation with David Schofield of Murray Court Consulting focused on the Top Investment Priorities for Businesses Worldwide, and how these played into Opportunities for Global Mobility. Drawing on PwC’s latest annual Global CEO Survey, we talked about technology, digital transformation, research & development, and product innovation, as they relate to opportunities for GM leaders and managers to play a more strategic role in decisions relating to talent development. In response to demands from the C-suite for a skilled, educated and adaptable workforce, David and I explored possibilities for GM professionals to enhance their skill set to include data analytics and other competencies, in order to claim their seat at the table. In an employee-driven market, it is time to rethink the employee value proposition (EVP). This will require a more holistic view of the employee experience and a look at the employer/employee psychological contract through a modern lens. GM leaders and managers are well placed to make a meaningful contribution to this important reset. Please tune in for Part III of our series: Practical Actions for Global Mobility in 2022.

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