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What’s in it for me?

Now that you’ve done all of your homework on your new location, it is time to focus on the all-important personal questions regarding your upcoming move. Once you’ve gathered all of the information you can about your new workplace and responsibilities, as well as where you and your family will live, it is important that you be able to see yourself and family as part beneficiaries of the relocation assignment experience, rather than solely accepting the assignment to fulfill a business or financial need. It is now time to begin asking the hard questions. Whether the benefit is immediate or long-term, being able to establish alignment between your own objectives and what the assignment will offer makes it a much more favorable proposition.

Even under challenging circumstances, knowing that the relocation experience is a step toward fulfilling your long-term goals will go a long way toward your ability to adapt to new responsibilities, and a new environment; things that are important to completing a relocation assignment successfully. Consider the following questions: What will be the advantages for my family? Will the move provide access to unique cultural and educational sites that would be less accessible from our current location? How can the move support or advance the personal interests of my family members and me? What possibilities exist for new experiences that may not have been a consideration for us before? Being able to visualize the opportunity for personal growth may contribute to the familial value associated with moving to a new location.