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Global Mindset

Global Mindset

Global Mindset is defined as a set of individual attributes that help a global leader better influence those who are different from themselves. Research has proven that leaders with high levels of Global Mindset have an enhanced ability to make sense of their context and behave appropriately as the context varies. They are more expert global leaders because of their ability to understand and interpret what is going on in a global situation, and they can more effectively interpret verbal and nonverbal messages and signals from people from different cultures.

Members of our Adaptive Leadership Strategies team have been certified by the Thunderbird School of Global Management, Najafi Global Mindset Institute to facilitate the Global Mindset Inventory and related training. The Global Mindset Inventory (GMI) is the premier assessment tool developed by the Thunderbird School of Global Management to help determine a global leader’s ability to better influence individuals, groups and organizations unlike themselves.

The predictive analytic capabilities of the GMI helps organizations build great global leaders in many ways, including:

  • Making the right hiring decisions and optimize corporate development dollars.
  • Predicting the success of managers in Global roles
  • Identifying who is likely to succeed in order to avoid failure.
  • Growing key talent within their organization by investing in the right people.
  • Targeting development dollars in order to prepare high potential employees.

We offer virtual and face-to-face training and coaching programs for individuals and teams, based on Thunderbird’s Global Mindset methodology, tailored to meet unique client requirements.