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The International Assignment Challenge

The International Assignment Challenge

The International Assignment Challenge

International assignments provide a means for managing strategic business risks and exploiting business opportunities. A successful assignment results in valuable benefits for an organization and an assignee. But when problems emerge, businesses can lose sight of the inter-related steps that make up the assignment, leaving stakeholders unsure of how to address the issues at hand to protect their investment. The result can be lost profitability and damaged professional relationships, which can have a lasting impact on both the business and the people involved.

Our Solution

ALIGN meets this challenge by addressing the full sequence of critical planning and implementation stages throughout the international assignment process. At any point where a company is struggling, we provide a plan for getting assignments back on course. The right attention to any or all of these steps can increase the likelihood of achieving assignment business and talent management objectives. When involved at the outset, the premise of our approach is to avoid international assignment challenges, while providing a structured procedure for assignment intervention if problems do arise.

What Makes ALIGN Different?

We treat each international assignment as a strategic investment being made by both the organization and the assignee with a relentless focus on maximizing assignment Return on Investment (ROI), from beginning to end. The six proven steps that companies must move through to complete a successful assignment are outlined below.

For issues occurring at any step, our approach helps get an international assignment back on track. When utilized as a full plan, it begins with making sure an assignment gets off to the right start by focusing on the expectations of both the organization and the assignee. We go on to provide a framework for monitoring the assignment and measuring achievement against objectives and ROI targets.