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Specialized Programs

Closing the Gap

Among the many definitions used to describe the phrase Goodness of Fit, is the measure of an individual’s compatibility with his or her surrounding environment. Sometimes the most well-meaning, highly experienced people experience challenges with the way the “show up” in the workplace, which can interfere with their ability to develop business relationships and conduct business. Just a small degree of self-awareness can go a long way in developing the success-building habits necessary for professional growth in the modern business environment.

At Adaptive Leadership Strategies, we’ve adopted this as a specialty. Whether a person is navigating an expatriate or relocation assignment, transitioning from being an individual contributor or subject matter expert to managing people for the first time, or simply needing to determine whether they have the right attributes for a specific position, we offer programs that can help to make the shoe fit!

Global Mobility Assignments – ALIGN

If a global mobility program is part of your company’s growth or professional development strategy, our ALIGN program for international assignments is designed to help structure the assignment for success for the business AND the assignee.