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“Brenda’s direct and action oriented approach helped propel me, particularly around work/life struggles and stories where I’ve limited myself. Through thoughtful questioning and a series of co-created actions, Brenda helped me envision new ways to proactively develop a stronger voice by setting boundaries and making better requests of others. She got me moving forward instead of staying in the spin cycle I had created. I am less afraid to succeed.”
          – Senior HR Leader, Fortune 500, Consultancy Founder


“Brenda – You have energized our employees and have them all wanting more!  Thank you for that.  From what I have observed, we have a more confident group of leaders who are willing to take risks.”
          – Senior Vice President, Property Management Firm


“I want to thank you again for all the work you did to help us.  You not only provided great insight, but also helped me look deeper into how I manage.  Thank you for your patience, understanding, and insight!”
– COO, Transportation Management Company


“Our organization faced an unexpected staffing change during the time that I was receiving the coaching. I am certain that I could not have effectively led the organization through this very difficult time without my coach from Adaptive Leadership Strategies.”
          – Non Profit Executive


“Working with Adaptive Leadership Strategies helped me regain my confidence as a leader.”
          – Operations Executive, Service Organization


“I learned some pretty interesting things about myself as a leader and as a person, and have incorporated the knowledge and tools provided into my daily work and home life. The program will stick with me forever …”
          – Senior Executive, Management Firm


“The professionals from Adaptive Leadership Strategies helped us analyze our management styles and reflect on what’s working and what needs improvement. They helped us learn how we can approach situations with employees and peers to get better results.”
          – Regional Manager, Management Consulting Company