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Leadership and Executive Coaching

Cultivating a Leadership Persona

Adaptive Leadership Strategies, LLC provides sponsored and individual coaching to help senior leaders develop professional confidence. We do this by working with clients to build the leadership muscle required for them to exercise influence and inspire heightened engagement on the part of the individuals and teams they rely on to achieve strategic objectives

Our approach to coaching starts with supporting the development of a person’s individual and unique leadership style. We encourage a balance between authenticity and the integration of proven methodologies. This creates a foundation which  enables the leader to perform with agility, build trust and establish essential professional relationships and networks.  Coaching services can be delivered in person, virtually or by telephone, and are structured around measurable performance driven objectives.

We don’t advocate coaching for life. Our work with clients is geared toward achieving attainable goals by developing success building professional habits that produce results. An engagement begins with an archetype of what success should look like at the end of coaching. Next is our partnership with the client to co-create behavioral practices and engage resources in support of achieving the intended new reality. Unlike training and consulting, coaching clients are not instructed on what, or how to do. Instead they learn from the creation of awareness experienced during guided coaching conversations and the implementation of new practices.